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Hello, my name is Travis vonRentzell.  Tracker Home Inspections is a dream that has come together for this born & raised Nebraskan.  A little bit of information about the name “Tracker”.  I always wonder what the story is behind the name of a business that isn’t part of the owners’ name.  Tracker is part of this owners name but you wouldn’t know that if I didn’t fill you in a little bit about ME.  My name is Travis and my 1st born who is an angel of SIDS but always my right hand man is Tucker.  That is how I got my business name.  A true dream comes true, with a little nudge from an angel above.

First things first a little bit about me, I come from a small town of Ashland, which sits between Lincoln and Omaha.  Many would say I was born with a “hammer in my hand”.  When it comes to any construction or re-vitalize project: “I have an idea”, “I’ve seen it, I’ve heard about it, or I have done it”.  Of course I attended school for construction and worked for construction businesses.  Over the years I have been involved in building homes for myself, family, and friends; renovation projects every chance I got, handy man projects, and Construction project management.   As a child if it could be built, I could build it!

At the age of 19 I bought my first house.  Some would call it a real “GEM”.  The realtor met me to show me the house with a little concern on his face: first at my age, second at my attire.  I showed up with tools in hand ready to crawl around every nook and cranny.  When I got done I explained to the realtor where my concerns were and what I thought was great about the property.  Now mind you this house cost me less than what an economy car retails these days.  The realtor was even more shocked when I said “let’s make a deal”.   Needless to say that house was a great adventure, and taught me so many things I couldn’t have learned in any class or book.  It really was a true “GEM”.

Of course over the years I have grown with the society and the efficiencies in today’s building materials, but good never goes bad!  Every house out there is a “home” for someone and a part of their character.

As a home inspector I am not looking to tell you all the “wrongs” with the property your selling, purchasing, or the place you call “home”; I am here to tell you how to provide for your “home” to keep it in touch with your character!  Keeping it safe and friendly you might say.

I could continue about all the classes I’ve attended and been a part of, to become a home inspector but for one you can find all of that within this website and two that don’t really explain who I am.  My real life experience of myself explains my opening sentence of Tracker Home Inspection: “a dream that has come together for ME” Travis vonRentzell.